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Leaf Collection by Urbanative

Inspired by Japanese chain mail the Leaf Collection from Urbanative is sensual warrior wear for the urban dweller. Handmade silver necklaces, earrings and bracelets set with semi-precious stones.
Enquiries contact Heidi on 082 770 9788 or email: idieh@mweb.co.za

Experience Design Indaba 2010

We asked a few designers/creative companies to comment on their experience at Design Indaba Expo 2010. Read what they had to say below:

Streetwires at Design Indaba Expo 2010

We had a very successful Design Indaba, as our new products were well-received by our regular customers, and we had some interest from new prospects too.

Our ideas / inspiration was to move away from the obvious soccer themes that are now on every conceivable product and rather provide something that tourists would like, and locals would relate to. Beaded animals and the big 5 are almost as prolific as soccer balls, so we decoded to go for a Township theme, but with a ‘feel-good’ vibe – something to make people smile. It seems we were spot-on!

Streetwires stand at Design Indaba

Urbanative Jewellery at Design Indaba Expo 2010

Urbanative jewellery had a wonderful expo 2010! We met lots of like minded creatives and look forward to next years expo to keep the momentum going.

Urbanative at Design Indaba

Monkeybiz at Design Indaba Expo 2010

This year’s Design Indaba held great significance for the Monkeybiz team, as it sought to honour it’s co-founder, Barbara Jackson.  As always it was inspirational.

Monekybiz at Design Indaba

Fundi Light and Living at Design Indaba Expo 2010

We had a wonderful response to our products and new fabric collections from the media, trade and public (and the mass of students…). The Design Indaba is a wonderful platform to showcase new products into the market, but we definitely saw less trade and much less international buyer presence at the show this year. One can see that all the ‘big names’ have either dropped out or have really reduced the size of their stands, and the overall feel of the show has become more craft orientated. We hope 2011 will bring back the design edge that the show was so synonymous for.

Design Indaba 2010 - fundi stand

Cape Town Jewellery Designers

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most important creative hubs. Cape Town Creatives was started with the vision to centralise information relating to the creative industry in Cape Town. Here is a list of excellent jewellery designers based in Cape Town. Click on the names below to view the full portfolios on the Cape Town Creatives website.

  1. Frieda Lühl
  2. Firepetals
  3. Situ
  4. Philippa Green
  5. Urbanative Jewellery
  6. Ida Elsje
  7. The House of Hector
  8. Umtha Jewellery
  9. Antique Fusion Jewellery