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Feeling Sheepish by Sandy Mitchell

Illustrator, Sandy Mitchell has recently launched a new website to promote her book ‘Feeling Sheepish’.

Gertrude cannot stop wondering about
the way people talk about sheep. With
sayings like “the black sheep of the family”,
and “just like sheep”, she feels it might be
better to go and live with the farm family.
But soon the novelty wears off and when
Gertrude gets stuck in a compromising situation,
who will save her?

Feeling Sheepish is a heartwarming tale
about standing out and fitting in!

You can purchase the book directly from the website: www.feelingsheepish.co.za

With each book comes a Getrude soft toy, hand-made locally by Montagu Sew & Sew and designed by Chantel Burger. Suitable from ages 3 to 6. Feeling Sheepish also makes an excellent reader for Grades 1- 3. Price R130. Free shipping in South Africa.
Feeling Sheepish is Proudly South African.

New website for Illustrator Sandy Mitchell

Cape Town Illustrator, Sandy Mitchell has a new website. You can view it as well as her diverse portfolio of creations here.www.sandymitchell.co.za/

To view Sandy Mitchell’s complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

Cape Town Animators, Illustrators and Cartoonists

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most important creative hubs. Cape Town Creatives was started with the vision to centralise information relating to the creative industry in Cape Town. Here is a list of excellent illustrators, animators and cartoonists based in Cape Town. Click on the names below to view the full portfolios on the Cape Town Creatives website.

  1. Character Matters Animation Studio
  2. Jesse Breytenbach
  3. Plasticboy
  4. Sandy Mitchell
  5. Heather Moore
  6. Chip Snaddon
  7. Lorenzo Nassimbeni
  8. RGB and Alpha
  9. Pinkie Wilson
  10. Doug Powell