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Gallery: Inge Prins Photography

Inge Prins is a commercial photographer based in Cape Town.
Represented by Shapeshifters Photographers Representation (www.shapeshifters-photo.com), she shoots both locally and internationally for worldwide clients.
Some recent work includes the new Timotei stills hair campaign for Europe and a Beauty Shoot with top Hair and Make-up artist Elma Storm.

Image Credits:
Timotei Europe

Beauty Shoot:
Hair and Make-up: Elma Storm
Models: Sam Laskey, Ice and Kyla Close, Ice

To view Inge Prins’ complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

Interview with Kelly Wainwright of ‘Play Jump Eat’

Kelly Wainwright, artist and four Cape Town Photographers have put together a fresh and intriguing photo series of images shot all over Cape Town, including one of Desmond Tutu jumping on a bed and 6 oak trees in the Company’s Gardens covered in fabrics of all kinds during Cape Town’s Fashion Week. They will be selling a handful of their limited edition works through their newly launched website www.playjumpeat.com. A showcase of the BED JUMP series can also be viewed at Exposure Gallery, Old Biscuit Mill from April 10th.  A percentage of the proceeds of all these sales will go towards the Tertia Kindo Arts Project, a children’s dance school in Ocean View, Cape Town.

You were born in America. What brought you to Cape Town?
My husband is South African.

How would you describe the creative landscape in Cape Town?

Tell us more about your latest installation/photography project ‘Play Jump Eat’.
This project started off as very vivid images in my head that I KNEW I HAD to do! I phoned Photographer Inge Prins to see if she’d be interested in getting on board, and we both just dove in, with no money up-front.

What’s behind the name and what inspired you to create these works?
The 5 words behind every image (circumstantially) are: play joy beauty abundance juxtaposition.
PLAY is an obvious inherent theme in every image.  JUMP obviously stems from our BED JUMP series. And EAT basically symbolizes the indulgence and abundace factor in the work.

Who else was involved in this project?
Inge Prins, Charley Pollard, Antonia Steyn, and Saul Wainwright were my photographers.
They had their own assistants, and I brought friends/assistants along to every shoot.  I worked with almost 100 models, and a smattering of make-up artists, etc. The OAK COUTURE section of the project involved around 30 “Cape Town Creatives” ranging from architects to pastry chefs to fashion designers. I designed it as a charette (aka: quick design) collaboration.  We also had numerous sponsors on board.

What sort of response have you had to this project so far?
It’s been overwhelming.  We’ve been in close to 30 media stories, including a 2-page spread in Design Indaba magazine, a 1-page in Elle Decor, ETV, British Airways magazine, and a whole lot of people off the street jumping on the bed with us at INFECTING THE CITY. It’s been lovely.

Any ideas of where you want to take it in the future?
I may or may not take the BED JUMP idea a bit more globally.  I’ll need sponsorship ahead of time.  I also have countless tricks up my sleeve that aren’t necessarily centered around photography, but still around “play, joy, beauty, abundance, and juxtaposition”

But- for now – we have just launched www.playjumpeat.com where a handful of our limited edition prints are ready to purchase! We will also be showing our BED JUMP series at EXPOSURE Gallery at the Biscuit Mill, starting April 10th.  A percentage of the proceeds of all of these sales will go towards the Tertia Kindo Arts Project, a children’s dance school in Ocean View.

In your opinion, does creativity have the potential to transform society?

Cape Town Photographers

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most important creative hubs. Cape Town Creatives was started with the vision to centralise information relating to the creative industry in Cape Town. Here is a list of excellent photographers based in Cape Town. Click on the photographer’s name to view their full portfolio on the Cape Town Creatives website.

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