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Featured Design: Gemma Orkin

Gemma Orkin has given us a look at some of her new designs. We love the quirky characters and expressive lines of her work. You can find Gemma’s ceramics locally at Melissa’s Food Store and Africa Nova.

To contact Gemma Orkin or view her complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

New designs by Gemma Orkin

We love these new designs by Cape Town ceramic artist Gemma Orkin. To view Gemma Orkin’s complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

Cape Town Ceramicists

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most important creative hubs. Cape Town Creatives was started with the vision to centralise information relating to the creative industry in Cape Town. Here is a list of excellent ceramic artists based in Cape Town. Click on the names below to view the full portfolios on the Cape Town Creatives website.

  1. Gemma Orkin
  2. Barbara Jackson
  3. Helen Vaughan
  4. Light from Africa Ceramic Art
  5. Shirley Fintz
  6. Tessa Wethli
  7. Vanilla Concrete
  8. Clementina van der Walt
  9. Cheryl Malone
  10. Imiso Ceramics