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Antique Fusion Jewellery

Anne-Michelle of Antique Fusion Jewellery gives beautiful objects from bygone eras a contemporary lift and a new opportunity to shine! Anne-Michelle spends hours browsing antique stores looking for the perfect old objects to complement her new design ideas. This fusion between old and new gives Antique Fusion Jewellery a delightful, quaint charm, whilst still making each piece relevant to the modern woman.

Antique Fusion Jewellery is available for sale at the following retail outlets in Cape Town and surrounds:

Rhubarb Room (Bo-Kaap), Rose Cafe (Newlands), Haas Collective (Bo-Kaap), Lily Boutique (Stellenbosch), Pure Earth (Stellenbosch), Sitting Pretty (Long Street), Fringe Arts (V&A Waterfront) , Autumn Fish (Woodstock)

To contact Antique Fusion Jewellery or view the complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

Antique Fusion Jewellery joins Cape Town Creatives

We’re excited to welcome the talented Anne-Michelle of Antique Fusion Jewellery to Cape Town Creatives. Anne-Michelle studied jewellery design and manufacture at the Ruth Prowse School of art in Cape Town and desribes her style as a bringing together of things past and present, the antique and the contemporary. Antique Fusion is all about things old and new and the love affair between them. To view Antique Fusion Jewellery’s complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

Antique Fusion Jewellery 1

Antique Fusion Jewellery 2

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