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Marrakech (Colours and Craft in the Red City)

My four day stay in Marrakech was extremely inspiring. It was the busiest and hottest city I have ever visited, we had 49’C! Traffic seems a bit chaotic since you share the road with not only taxis and busses but also with horse carts and many pedestrians. The city is buzzing with activity. You can hear the hammering of the metal and tile workshops and smell the different herbs, sweets and dyes in every alley of the souk.

1 (2)

The herbs, seeds and flowers to make a 35 herbs mixture, the flavour of every tagine.

2 (2)

Very detailed and filigree engravings on plaster of Paris plates and wooden beams.

3 (2)

Morocco is well known for their use of tiles. It is absolutely amazing to see them chisel every tile into shape.

4 (2)

Every day the light in the alleys is different, depending on which colour was dyed that day.

5 (2)

The whole city is coloured in a red-peach colour, hence the name, RED CITY

6 (2)

Carpets in all colours and sizes.

7 (2)

8 (2)

This metal work place reminded me a bit of my workshop – just everything a scale bigger.

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