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Cape Town Artists, Sculptors and Printmakers

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most important creative hubs. Cape Town Creatives was started with the vision to centralise information relating to the creative industry in Cape Town. Here is a list of excellent artists, sculptors and printmakers based in Cape Town. Click on the names below to view the full portfolios on the Cape Town Creatives website.

  1. Jill Trappler
  2. Judy Conway
  3. Milly Jones
  4. Gail Catlin
  5. Jeanne Wassenaar
  6. Odd Enjinears
  7. Inge Semple
  8. Warren Editions
  9. Jean Doyle
  10. Derric van Rensburg

Public Sculpture Competition

VANSA Western Cape (Visual Arts Network, South Africa) is calling for submissions for a public sculpture to be situated on the Sea Point Promenade.

Artists are invited to conceptualise ideas for a public work considering the site of corner Beach Road,  Sea Point and Beach Road, Three Anchor Bay, for the proposed work.

All interested artists are required to submit a portfolio of 10 works, a CV with two contactable references and an initial proposal for the sculpture by 30th September 2009 to Peter Hayes.

A shortlist will then be drawn up and the selected artists asked to submit detailed proposals, including maquettes, and a budget, for an agreed fee, by 5th October 2009. The final decision will be made on the strength of these submissions.

Artists Fee and Production: R120, 000

Site Visit 15/09/09 at 15h30, meet at VANSA Offices

The full brief is available here: www.vansawesterncape.org.za

New work by Odd Enjinears: Sculpture in Lentegeur

For this City Council project, the whole square has been revamped and this structure stands central to the square. The library, community hall and clinic are in the buildings surrounding the square, and a market happens on certain days of the week. Hopefully this square will become a buzz of activity in Lentegeur.

The ’sculpture’ consists of a central cage structure with two peripheral ‘turnstyles’ for children to play with. Above the cage is an experiment with wind driven components and a balancing arc which also turns slowly in the wind. The birds (inside and outside the cage) were made by Louise Potgieter – a beautiful addition to the work. Because the birds are life-size I am curious to see how real birds interact with the work.

Although not shown in these pictures (we are awaiting the electrical point to switch on the pump), the tree inside the cage spurts water out of each branch and each water source drives something different – mostly involving birds in different ways. I found myself having a myriad of ideas for this concept and I would really like to get to make more ‘water trees’ with moving components – the possibilities are endless and the end result fabulous to watch. There is so much scope for similar works.

More pictures will follow when the square is complete and the water operational…





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