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Latest work from Cape Town Illustrator Doug Powell

Illustrator and artist Doug Powell has given us a sampling of some recent work. The portfolio below covers work for clients as diverse as PLAY energy drink and Marbrin’s Olive Farm highlighting the versatility and creativity of the artist. Doug works comfortably in a wide range of media and is available for both commercial advertising and fine art commissions.

Bells Limited Edition. This was one of two engravings for a Bells presentation tin.

This was one of several humorous posters (pen and ink) to encourage the cyclists on The Argus cycle tour.

Marbrin’s olive farm label. It was illustrated in pastel crayon and designed not only to show their estate but an olive tree and their dog Stanley!

Two sections from a mixed media illustration for Richelieu presentation tin.

A pastel crayon illustration of a Knysna loerie for a brandy label.

New engraving logo of griffin for PLAY energy drink.

One of four sections (mixed media) for a Bond theme Take II popcorn 3D header card.

This design formed part of a new engraving logo for Westlake Primary school.

Visit Doug Powell’s profile on Cape Town Creatives to view more designs.

Woo-men Plush Toys at Co/Mix 2011 – National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

Its winter season and many creatures are entering their usual cold weather siesta, but not Pete and Elaine of the Woo-men Studio! We are off to Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival and the Co/Mix Exhibition, which we are co-hosting.

In 2010 Woo-men submitted a proposal to the National Arts Festival along with Words & Images under the auspices of the CCIBA (Centre for Comic, Illustration and Book Art) at Stellenbosch University. It was accepted and 8 months of hard work later we are about to host the Co/Mix pavilion on the Main Program of the Festival. The ‘Co/Mix Pavilion’ will incorporate a large group exhibition with some 230 art works, a program of workshops and seminars and a Gallery Shop. There will be 23 local comic and illustration artists including Zapiro, Anton Kannemeyer, Mogorosi Motshumi and Rico Schacherl as well as some young, up and coming artists. We also raised funds to bring 6 artists from abroad including JP Kalonji (Switzerland), Erik Kriek (Netherlands), Jaques de Loustal (France), and Maia Matches (Netherlands). Pete and I are both participating as artists on the exhibition which has forced us to keep the artistic side stimulated. Pete will also give a live looping music performance at Co/Mix. The Velocity Graphic Anthology – a collaborative comic book project with SA and Australian artists produced by Moray Rhoda – will be launched at Co/Mix. A collaborative graffiti wall in Grahamstown and a number of spontaneous events such as sketch battles will take place around the main exhibition. The exhibition is open from 30 June to 10 July in the Thomas Pringle Hall and Ntsikana Gallery at the Monument. You can read more about it on our blog (www.comixart.wordpress.com).

The Co/Mix Gallery Shop will be a 25 square meter space within the much larger exhibition hall and will contain mainly merchandise from the artists. There will be unique products brought by the overseas artists and never seen in SA before as well as quite a few new products being launched in the Co/Mix shop as well as merchandise from artists who have never retailed before. We have sourced a special collection of handmade sketch books to sell in the shop. Pete’s illustrated cards, and our popular Woo-men Plush Toys will be for sale as well as two new products we are trying out. Woo-men is running 4 Blank Toy workshops at the festival in which anybody from age 10 upwards can come and create their own plush toy from a blank.

It has always been important to us to keep our toy making business close to the art world from which it is inspired. We have also always seen ourselves as members of the comic industry and so this is a chance for us to help grow the local comic industry too. Co/Mix was conceived as a bringing together of pop culture, expressionist comic art, political and underground cartooning and contemporary visual subcultures such as street, surf, hip hop, Indie craft & graffiti. It is certainly going to be the most exciting happening on this year’s visual arts program at the Festival.

Hoping to see as many of our customers and friends a possible in Grahamstown!

Pete and Elaine Woo(dbridge)

More on Woo-men Plush Toys here

CoMix exhibition headed for Grahamstown Festival

Jesse Breytenbach will be exhibiting at the Grahamstown Festival as part of the CoMix exhibition http://comixart.wordpress.com/

“Co/Mix is a new initiative that aims to showcase the work of artists who are working at the interface of comic art, illustration and visual narrative. Participants will be working in a range of media, hence ‘Comic Art/Mixed Media’. The exhibition will involve approximately 28 artists – four of them coming from different countries in Europe – all working in cartooning, comics, toy-making, sculpture, assemblage, graffiti, street art, drawing, painting, and digital image construction. The work will take many forms, including animation and installation, and will be based around a unique narrative created or developed by the artist for the exhibition.”

Buy Local with Skinny Laminx

Skinny Laminx recently launched an online shop specifically for locals. Here you can find all your favourite ‘Skinny’ products ranging from cushion covers to tea towels and even gorgeous little smock dresses for children. http://shop.skinnylaminx.com

Heather Moore, the design genius behind the Skinny Laminx label lives in Cape Town, South Africa. As well as creating beautiful products, Heather also does illustration work and is the editor of ELLE Decoration blog.

To view Heather’s portfolio on Cape Town Creatives click here.

Imagining A Future towards Smart Living: Poster by Chip Snaddon

Chip Snaddon was recently commissioned by Sheryl Ozinsky for the City of Cape Town’s Energy and Climate Change Branch to produce a poster which would communicate the vision of a dynamic, environmentally sustainable, future Cape Town.  Chip, who has worked as an illustrator, cartoonist and storyboard artist for more than twenty years, tells us about what it took to produce this magnificent work, below.

The Brief:

The brief was to depict a Cape Town of the near future that demonstrates the City’s ‘Smart Living’ vision involving the implementation of renewable energy and smart technologies, recycling, housing densification, efficient, widespread public transport, greening (veggie gardens,tree-planting,fynbos restoration), water conservation, and people-friendly planning.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to fit all of the above into a recognizable Cape Town view within a vertical (portrait) format.This was achieved by foregrounding a fictional suburb/business hub scene somewhere in the Northeastern sector, with an aerial point-of-view looking Southwest towards Table Mountain and including the Atlantic seaboard, Central City district, Southern suburbs and the Cape Flats. In order to draw the viewer into the picture using interesting human detail in the foreground, the topography underwent some artistic manipulation to create a steepish hill covered by a park, road and houses.The raised foreground also allowed for generous placement of the poster’s ‘Smart Living’ title as well as the City’s logo.

The Process:

The poster went through about eight rough drafts, with approval needing to be sought for each one from the various people involved in the ‘Smart Living’ campaign run by the City of Cape Town’s Energy and Climate Change branch.The initial drafts were mainly concerned with getting the overall distribution of the picture’s essential content right, and subsequent ones focused on ensuring that the multitude of details were correct.

Eventually there was a large(A2) pencilled artwork that was photocopied and reduced to A4 and emailed off for approval. On receiving the final go-ahead, I inked the A2 linework,then had this scanned at high res, cleaned up and printed out on slightly heavier paper. I then coloured in this linework using magic markers, and finally had this scanned at 600 dpi .The last step was to clean up, colour-adjust and balance the contrast of this scan and drop in the City’s logo.The printed poster will be A1 in size.

The Vision:

I enjoy this type of work because it combines a number of my interests, passions and abilities – I love Cape Town and hope that it can rise to the many challenges facing it; I also believe strongly in the need for sustainable solutions. I think Capetonians can come up with creative ways of redressing the mistakes and wrongs that have marked our city and its environs, and I hope that the poster contributes to this by awakening people to the possibilities in a somewhat humorous celebration of a Cape Town we not only know and love but also wish for.

To contact Chip Snaddon or view his complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

Feeling Sheepish by Sandy Mitchell

Illustrator, Sandy Mitchell has recently launched a new website to promote her book ‘Feeling Sheepish’.

Gertrude cannot stop wondering about
the way people talk about sheep. With
sayings like “the black sheep of the family”,
and “just like sheep”, she feels it might be
better to go and live with the farm family.
But soon the novelty wears off and when
Gertrude gets stuck in a compromising situation,
who will save her?

Feeling Sheepish is a heartwarming tale
about standing out and fitting in!

You can purchase the book directly from the website: www.feelingsheepish.co.za

With each book comes a Getrude soft toy, hand-made locally by Montagu Sew & Sew and designed by Chantel Burger. Suitable from ages 3 to 6. Feeling Sheepish also makes an excellent reader for Grades 1- 3. Price R130. Free shipping in South Africa.
Feeling Sheepish is Proudly South African.

Doug Powell: Artist and Illustrator

Cape Town Creatives caught up with Illustrator and Artist Doug Powell to see what he’s been working on in the last few months. Here are a few snippets from his illustration and fine art portfolio.

Hyundai print ad. Doug illustrated the crest and the artvaark. According to feedback from the ad agency, the ad was such a success that Hyundai sold out of all their Getz stock.

Because of this, a similar ad followed a few weeks later with a dolphin.

La Motte wine estate recently launched their new farm shop. Doug illustrated this beautiful logo. The brief from the design studio was to depict all facets of their estate and produce in the logo.

During the Soccer World Cup, Doug handled the illustrations for several controversial Kulula Sunday Times ads.

In keeping with the Soccer World Cup… an illustration for a wine label.

Emma – a fine art charcoal commission completed last week.

Roses from Doug’s garden… demanded a quick pastel – Saturday morning 24-Oct.

Doug has been working on a series of horses (oil on canvas) in his spare time. They seem to be evolving with brush strokes becoming more representative of the muscles. A large series is planned.

Doug’s Chow Chow – afternoon snooze.  A large charcoal sketch done some weekends back (900 x 650).

To contact Doug Powell or view his complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

Lorenzo Nassimbeni’s fabric design named in VISI magazine’s top 50 designs since 1998

VISI magazine celebrated the publication of their 50th edition last month. To commemorate this achievement, they selected their top 50 designs since 1998 (the year of their establishment) and held an exhibition. These designs included both local and international items. Lorenzo Nassimbeni’s fabric design was chosen as 1 of these 50.

Lorenzo was also asked by VISI to create an online profile of his top 10 designs over the last 12 years – since VISI was first published. You can view the profile here:


View images from the Opening event:


New work by Chip Snaddon

Chip Snaddon, one of the talented illustrators featured on Cape Town Creatives, has a degree in Fine Art and has been working as an illustrator, cartoonist and storyboard artist for the past twenty years. We are excited to feature some of his recent work  – especially because the theme for most of the work is our beautiful country!

Chip has created a map of Cape Town’s central city – for the use of the Cape Town Partnership in their ‘City Views’ broadsheet – showing the CCID (Cape Town City Improvement District), fanwalk and more.

Nothing is immune from football fever this month! Chip’s World Cup-themed cartoons take a light-hearted look at the influx of foreign tourists to South Africa.

On a more ’serious’ note, Chip has also recently produced a striking logo for the Centre for Public Mental Health.

To view Chip Snaddon’s complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

New website for Illustrator Sandy Mitchell

Cape Town Illustrator, Sandy Mitchell has a new website. You can view it as well as her diverse portfolio of creations here.www.sandymitchell.co.za/

To view Sandy Mitchell’s complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.