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Louise Wileman Architecture and Interior Design: Latest project – Fresnaye

Louise Wileman Architecture and Interior Design recently completed a residential project in Fresnaye. As you can see from the images below, the house needed a facelift, and that is exactly what it got – all within a three month period! The original house was built in the fifties but was comprehensively altered in the eighties. The owner wanted the house to be opened up internally and for the interaction between the internal and external spaces to be improved.

The budget was fairly limited, which meant that LWA could not do major structural renovations. In fact the only structural changes that were made, was to redo the entrance courtyard, remove the wall between the entrance and the living area, insert huge panes of glass between the study and the entrance courtyard, upgrade the internal staircase, extend the entertainment deck and build a new staircase to link it with the pool deck below. All the other changes were cosmetic .



To contact LWA or view the complete portfolio on Cape Town Creatives, click here.

Imagine City Hall

Imagine City Hall

Imagine a City Hall which is the hub of a vibrant cultural community. Imagine a place of memories, restored to its former glory. Imagine a venue where every citizen can have a say in what they want this space to be.

The Imagine City Hall Initiative is aimed at inspiring the people of Cape Town and beyond to register their support for the development of the Cape Town City Hall as a dedicated cultural venue.

Imagine City Hall was born as an idea between the Africa Centre, Cape MIC, the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) and Cape Town Partnership’s Creative Cape Town programme: organisations with a vision, audience base, resources and the critical support of various stakeholders to make the City Hall function as a dynamic project. The key aim of the project is to garner support for the City Hall as dedicated premier cultural venue for all Capetonians, which should ideally forward the broader arts and heritage of the city and the continent.

Since 1996, the Cape Town Partnership has been working on lobbying government, carrying out research, developing a business plan and funding proposals, and establishing structures (with the support of former Mayor Helen Zille) to manage and redevelop the space as a dynamic cultural space suited for the 21st century. Now, after the Cape Town Library’s move into the refurbished Drill Hall in 2009, the space it had occupied for close to 40 years is ready for an injection of new life.

The first glimpse of its possibilities will come when the Africa Centre uses the grand old spaces for the Spier Contemporary art exhibition from 13 March – 14 May 2010. The exhibition is designed to use the space in a dynamic way to attract and engage both seasoned art critics and those who have never attended an art exhibition. For the duration of the exhibition, the venue will also house a cafe and a shop, will host regular events by outside initiatives as well as workshops for children.

The re-imagining of the space will take into account the important heritage of the building. The classic lines of the 1905 Italian Rennaissance building, juxtaposed with the exhibit of contemporary artworks, provide a natural focus for the Central City’s cultural renaissance.

The partners have turned to social media to engage citizens in the project. A Facebook group has been set up at http://bit.ly/9WDKAR. There are already close to 500 fans, and their comments reflect their wide support for the project.
Musician Tina Schouw wrote: “I think this is a great initiative. I fully endorse the City Hall’s role as a cultural hub… it could be the place to inspire and grow upcoming artists through the sharing of creative tools for their development.”

The group also inspires people who performed in the Hall as youngsters, such as Richard Martin who says he remembers “our school band at Florida Primary playing at the City Hall in the 70’s…I later returned to play a brass concert with BBSA (Moravian Brass)…funny this was also the place where the Arch (Tutu) and Jonathan Butler appeared together in the 90’s with the same hairstyle…”.

Watch the video at http://bit.ly/cnI8VI

Cape Town Architects and Landscape Designers

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most important creative hubs. Cape Town Creatives was started with the vision to centralise information relating to the creative industry in Cape Town. Here is a list of excellent architects and landscape designers/companies based in Cape Town. Click on the names below to view the full portfolio on the Cape Town Creatives website.

  1. Cape Contours
  2. Clare Burgess Landscape Design
  3. Louise Wileman Architecture and Interior Design

Louise Wileman: Architecture and Interior Design


Image from Top Billing Magazine

LWA was established in 2005 by Louise Wileman, specializing in residential Architecture and Interior Design with a portfolio consisting of a variety of projects including high end residential projects and specialist interiors.

LWA’s design philosophy is that Architecture should be relevant to time and space, honest in form and function and should truthfully address the needs of the client. Successful Architecture is the result of a continuous dialogue between the designer and the end user and should never just be an academic response but always an intuitive process.

LWA is passionate about reducing the impact of their buildings on the environment, both during construction and during the lifetime of the building and aim to provide clients with sustainable choices in the selection of materials and building methods.

To view Louise Wileman’s complete profile on Cape Town Creatives click here

Depart in style at Cape Town International Airport

Cape Town International Airport departures6

On a fairly routine trip to Cape Town Internationl Airport a few days ago, we were blown- away by the new developments. The International and Domestic departures terminal has been completely transformed and is now as first class as it gets. The first thing we noticed was the space. Wide walk-ways and enormous hallways on three levels absorb the crowds to such an extent that you almost feel the airport belongs to you.

Cape Town International Airport departures8

Cape Town International Airport departures2

There’s a great selection of shops as well as places to eat/drink.  These inlcude Woolworths, CNA, Ocean Basket, Wimpy, Primi Express, Spur, Mugg and Bean, Vida e Cafe, Subway, KFC and even La Senza! The choice is so vast that there really is something for everyone.

We were there a day after the new terminal opened and there were a few teething problems with the restaurant we visited. I’m sure that given a few weeks to settle, all services will be up to standard.

We were hardly perterbed though because we got to enjoy this view while we ate our meal.  These windows allow  sentimental types to watch as their loved-ones ascend into the air. A nice feature.

Cape Town International Airport departures7

We were impressed with the aesthetics of the airport. It’s not just a concrete superstructure but is really pleasing to look at. The details  have been well attended to.

Cape Town International Airport departures4

Cape Town International Airport departures5

With this new terminal complete, perhaps Capetonians  can feel more confident about ‘welcoming the world’ in 2010!

We’d love to know who is behind the design and construction of the airport. The official website isn’t giving away any clues so drop us a line if you know who’s involved.



I will be giving a presentation of my portfolio of work next week. The presentation is entitled ‘Surface’ and will focus on the area in which the disciplines of Architecture and Fine Art meet. I will be speaking about the full spectrum of work I have been involved in, including architecture, photography, illustration, wallpaper/fabric design and exhibition design. It would be great if you could attend.

Venue details:

The Pink Room
School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics
University of Cape Town
13h00-Wednesday-30 September 2009
*Note: the time has been changed from 12h30 to 13h00*

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